The Percussion Ensemble will perform under the direction of Mark Hodges.

The mission of the Buffalo State Percussion Ensemble is to expose students and the Buffalo community to sophisticated repertoire written or transcribed for percussion instruments. The group commonly makes use of standard percussion instruments such as timpani, mallet keyboard instruments, tom toms, cymbals and gongs, but also employs sounds generated by found or constructed instruments such as car parts, architectural elements and household furnishings.

The West African Drumming Ensemble will perform under the direction of Tiffany Nicely.

The West African Drumming Ensemble is open to all Buffalo State students, faculty, and staff, plus community members who want to experience and share the power of group drumming. Using djembes, dundun drums, and iron bells, this ensemble performs traditional music of the Mande ethnic groups living in Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast.

Ensemble members practice proper drum techniques while layering rhythms together and improvising over the music. In addition to exciting, intricate rhythms, performances also include traditional songs, dances, and costumes.

The concert is free and open. Everyone is welcome to attend. The concert will also be live streamed on the Buffalo State Music Department You Tube channel.

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