The Buffalo State Performing Arts Center has established a comprehensive Usage Policy.  You will be responsible for understanding and adhering to the contents of this policy.

Following are highlights from the Usage Policy:

COMMERCIAL vs. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: The Performing Arts Center is available for use by both commercial and non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations receive a reduced rental rate (pdf) upon proof of 501(c)(3) non-profit status. The non-profit organization’s name on the 501(c)(3) document must match the name on the rental agreement. Documentation will be kept on file by the PAC, although the PAC may require refiling from time to time.

STAFFING: The PAC provides all technical, front of house and box office staffing for your event. Management shall have final authority to determine the staff necessary for an event, including: production, front-of-house, box office, security, concessions, and any other activities associated with event. You will be charged for staff as determined by PAC Management. The PAC's full-time professional staff are represented by United University Professions (UUP).  The PAC is not an IATSE facility. No other union contracts may take precedence over UUP, CSEA, NYSCOBIA and Council 82 on campus.

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: The PAC is equipped with a full sound and light plot. You agree that the PAC shall not be required to provide any equipment or expendables not specified as being part of its regular inventory (pdf). If any such additional equipment or expendables are required, you will be responsible for acquiring and paying for such equipment. Additionally, shop supplies required in staging events will be charged to you. By signing the Rental Agreement, you accept all equipment and/or physical limitations of the PAC.

REHEARSALS: All rehearsals must be scheduled and made part of the Rental Agreement. For any event, only production personnel and user representatives authorized by the PAC will be permitted in the rented space during rehearsal. A rehearsal is defined by the use of only stage work lights with one PAC staff person on duty. There will be no use of production equipment including but not limited to stage lights, sound system, the lighting booth, etc during a rehearsal. A technical rehearsal is defined by the use of all required technical staff as determined by the PAC Production Manager and the full use of contracted production equipment. After consultation with the renter, the PAC reserves the right to assign rehearsal space in a location other than the theatre. Events for which tickets are required or admission is charged are not considered rehearsals.

BOX OFFICE: The PAC has a fully functioning box office offering in-person, phone and web ordering. The PAC Management has sole and exclusive authority to sell all tickets for events in the PAC.

MERCHANDISE/CONCESSION SALES: PAC Management has sole and exclusive authority to sell refreshments at any event in the PAC. PAC shall have the right to sell its own merchandise at any performance. The USER must apply in writing to the PAC Director of Operations for permission to sell concessions and/or merchandise or to conduct fundraising or promotional activities on the premises. A per-performance fee will be charged to non-profit users for any merchandise, concession or fundraising activity held on the premises. For the privilege of the sale of merchandise commercial users will remit 20% of net sales (after deducting taxes) collected, in cash, at the end of the event.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Should you desire to cancel your Agreement, you must submit written notification.

  1. At least thirty (30) days prior to the first date of scheduled use: The PAC shall retain the advance deposit as liquidated damages, plus any additional expenses incurred.  You and the PAC shall be relieved of any further obligations under this Agreement.
  2. Within thirty (30) days of the first date of scheduled use: You are responsible for full rental fee and any expenses incurred by the PAC.  This money will be drawn from the 50% deposit provided when the signed contract is returned. In the event that you fail to appear, perform, and/or present, or default in the performance of the provisions of the contract for reasons other than those allowable by contract and riders, the PAC shall be entitled to all payments due as if the contract had been fulfilled

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