1. Submit a completed Rental Request Form. Please have a specific date in mind when submitting the form.

2. Review of your form by the Director of Operations will take place within 3-5 business days. If you are a new client, an in-person meeting and professional references may be required. You may also be asked to provide the following information:

What other events/artists have you presented?
Where did those events take place?
What date(s) did they happen?

3. If your request is approved by the Director of Operations a temporary hold will be placed on that date(s).  We will notify you via email that a hold has been placed on our calendar.  You will have 15 days to confirm use of the held date.  To confirm your date, you will be required to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit.  This amount will be deducted from your final total of expenses.  Please note: anyone with an outstanding balance owing to the PAC or the College will not be permitted to reserve a date on the PAC calendar for a future event until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

4. Upon receipt of your confirmation and deposit the Performing Arts Center staff will meet with you to gather all pertinent details pertaining to your event.  After that meeting we will calculate an estimate of expenses that you will incur for the production of your event. This information will be provided to the Events Management Office who will generate a Revocable Permit and Reservation Contract for you. You will also be required to provide proof of single limit public liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) naming the State University of New York, State of New York, SUNY Buffalo State and Buffalo State Foundation Inc. as additionally insured. Once we receive the signed contract, Liability Insurance Certificate, and a 50% deposit of estimated expenses, your event may be publicized and tickets may go on sale.

5. Upon conclusion of your event, the PAC will provide a box office report and final expense report within ten (10) working days following the last day of use of the PAC. Payment of the ticket revenues (if any) in excess of expenses will be made within twenty (20) working days following the last day of use under the Rental Agreement. The Performing Arts Center will not release any box office proceeds on the night of your event.  If PAC expenses are in excess of ticket revenues (if any) the balance will be due within twenty (20) business days. Advance draws against box office receipts are not permitted.

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